Company Profile

Company Profile

PT Mandiri Jatama Agung was established on 16 March 2009,
engaged in the sale of coffee, tea and bandrek, is a company focused on making innovative products based on herbal and organic natural ingredients.

The company has a license from the industry body / production activities with the permission no: 530.1 / 4845 / PUIK BP2TK / VI / 2009 on 04 June 2009

licensing distribution of the health department with the permission no: 210360301309

licensing business premises of the districts with the permission no: 5033/047 / -Keckd / 2011,

domicile of the business of the village with the permission no: 503.2 / 184 / kel.pkb / 2011

halal certificate from (MUI) Banten province with the permission no: 1712000130811

The building area of PT Mandiri Jatama Supreme +/- 150 m2.

Product distribution PT Mandiri Jatama Agung sent to some areas of Jakarta, Bandung and most were sent to the island of Sumatra.


LIMMIT committed to continue providing the best product innovation
and providing leading services for our loyal customers
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